09 May 2021




1. I want all four of them together at home with us whenever possible. 



2. My sons are 21 and 24. I would love it if they just remembered that it was Mother's Day, (or my birthday, or anything). I would be thrilled with a sentimental card that told me about their love for me.

(我的兒子分別是21歲和24歲。如果他們只記得那是母親節(或我的生日,或其他),我會喜歡的。 一張感性的卡片,告訴我他們對我的愛,我會很激動。)


3. I want my daughter to hold my hand, just one more time before I lose her heart to a boy (or a girl, I don't care) who loves her.


禮物, 母親節 

4. All I want for Mother's day is to sleep until 10 am (I'm usually up at 5), sushi for dinner, and a bubble bath



5. Mom of a 3 year old and 1 year old. Just no chores for one day, please.


6. My kids are still little (8 and 6) and a bit clingy, so I'd love just some "me time" for Mother's day. All I want is a few hours where they fetch their own glass of water, find entertainment for themselves and let me be.

 (我的孩子還很小(8歲和6歲),有點笨拙,所以我只想在母親節裏,擁有一些「Me Time」。 我想要的只是幾個小時,他們拿起自己的水,為自己找樂趣,然後放開我。)

禮物, 母親節

7. I want to sleep in and when I wake up, I don't want the house to be a mess.



8. Tell me I'm a good mom.


禮物, 母親節 

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